Wednesday, October 31, 2012

RUSH take two

My friend, Kevin, came from Norway to visit me, and to see Rush perform at the new Barclay's Center in Brooklyn.  This was my second time seeing them, and his .... well, I don't know how many times he's seen them, but it's a lot.  As I said in 2011, if I had the chance to see them again, I'd want to be in better seats, and we were and it made a big difference in my enjoyment level.  The Barclay's Center is also an amazing venue.  We had Cuban food (they even had the corn, but we didn't get it) and afterwards, freakin' Junior's cheesecake (I got the carrot cake/cheesecake).  A far cry from the normal crappy food I was expecting to get there.  AND, once again, NO line for the ladies room.  That's my version of heaven! 

This was my favorite number of the night...


And this was his... If you care enough to actually watch, guitarist breaks a string or something and does a little dance while waiting for a replacement guitar. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

30 Rock quote of the week -- 10/25

Welcome to Tina Fey is a genius edition of my blog.  So many great quotes in this election themed episode!!  Here they are...

Liz:  "My boyfriend and I aren't married, but we might have a baby together anyway.  And I hope it's gay!  Male gay... since with the ladies, it's too much hiking."

Jack:  "We have to spend all of our wonderful money and help my hair mentor, Mitt Romney, become the `11th legitmate president of the United States."

Jack to Garrett Romney:  "Garrett, I would slap you if I didn't know you were going to get your own planet when you die." 
I don't know why that means he can't slap him, but it's still funny. 

Tracy talking about the election: "North Carolina goes to Romney.  I worked there this summer and they are not on board with a black man lecturing them.  I don't care if it's Obama talking about healthcare, or me talking about white butts.  They are different than black butts."

New Girl quote of the week -- 10/23

Nick reaches down and grabs a hunk of birthday cake with his hands...

Jess:  "Gross!! get  a fork!"
Nick:  "I have two perfectly good forks at the end of my arms. "

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

30 Rock quote of the week -- 10/11

Liz: "I have to work every night?"
Jack: "say goodbye to your free time. Did you hear that? That's the sound of 'Honey BooBoos' piling up on your TiVo. "

Liz:  "What do you think, I'm an idiot?  I didn't win that argument.  I'm an idiot!"

Monday, October 15, 2012

Falling Water

Here are pictures from my little drive over to see Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water.  As you can see, the fall leaves were glorious at this time of year.  Also, you can probably see that I left my good camera at home and had to rely on my phone.  See better pictures at the website here
One of the interesting things about this home is that it is 7000 square feet, and half of that is balcony/outdoor space.  That is amazing to this city girl. 
Also in the area is another Frank Lloyd Wright home called Kentuck Knob.  From these pictures, you might be able to see that his plan was to tuck the home right into this knoll, or "knob," so that you almost can't see the home from some parts of the property.  It has all kinds of weird corners and hallways because FLW wanted it to be based on a hexagon shape. 

Dough Girls

Over the weekend, Kathy and I took a little trip to western PA.  On the way, we stopped at this little restaurant called Dough Girls, where rumor has it they make the best cinnamon rolls ever. Not one to back away from such a claim, we had to see if the rumor was true. So I can tell you that the cinnamon rolls were good, and these had maple flavored frosting, but I've had better.

BUT the whoopie pies were out of this world. 

When we got there, I was asking about the flavors of their whoopie pies and the girl behind the counter said, "I don't know what you're talking about."  After I repeated my question, another woman working there piped up and told me the flavors.  The girl just looked at her weird, and the woman said, "She's asking about the gobs." 

We both just looked at each other, as if to say, "You call them WHAT?" 

New Girl quote of the week -- 10/9

Jess, after hanging out with her new hipster friends:  "I've been up for 48 hours, so I'm gonna sleep off an ass-ton of quinoa."

Chaz to Jess:  "We don't care if you stole your catch-phrase from some low budget web series."
and of course, her awesome catch-phrase....


Monday, October 8, 2012

30 Rock quote of the week -- 10/4

Jack -- "It's nice to see you back at work, taking advantage of being in the greatest city on earth... despite our tiny, un-American sodas."

New Girl quote of the week -- 10/2

Nick, building the Ikea dresser -- "I'm building you the dresser.  I love this stuff.  It's like high stakes Legos."