Saturday, November 29, 2014

New Girl quote of the week--11/18, 11/25

November 18... Teachers conference 
Coach, remarking on Jess's crush, Ryan -- "Him? He looks like a boys' department mannequin." 

November 25... Obligatory Thanksgiving episode 

Jess to Ryan --"Do I sing Oasis songs to myself and pretend that they were inspired by your love for me? I do!"

Mindy quote of the week --11/18, 11/25

November 18 ..Mindy's diary 
After Danny reads Mindy's diary and reads that she likes his butt, he says, "Nice going, Danny Jr." 

November 25.. Mindy sets Danny's mom up on a date 
Danny when he saw his mother dressed up for her date-- "What the hell is this? Why is Ma dressed up like the tart of Staten Island?"

Mindy talking to Danny's mom about dating--"New York City is all hot gays and bald straights." 

Steelers v Jets

KB is a big Steelers fan. I'm a super nice girlfriend and bought him tickets to see the Steelers play the Jets here at the Meadowlands for his birthday. There were just as many Steeler fans as Jets fans at the game, and lots of "mixed" couples there.  I wouldn't say we were one of them since I don't care.  The Steelers lost, but it was a fun day anyway. 
Here is the crowd waiting to board the NJ Transit train to the Meadowlands. There is a lot of black and yellow in this crowd! 
Warning: selfies ahead. 

Here we are on the train. We walked way ahead and ended up on an empty car. They use the double decker trains to get out there, so there was plenty of room. 

And here we are at the game. 
I wore a down coat and we brought a blanket but the day was so nice and sunny, we didn't need either one.  Mid November-- who knew?!
It was so fun that I think next year I'll have to spring for tickets to see them in Pittsburg. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mindy Project quote of the week-- 11/11

Peter: "We had a night of crazy sex, now it's time for the punishment. So, where are we going for brunch?...  I just thought we should do what you want to do today, so you want to go to spin class, you want to go to see your friend's new baby?" 

Spoiler alert: I don't know why they broke Peter and Abby up already. She was a nice addition to the show. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mindy project quote of the week -- 11/4

I think you can guess what the quote will be for this week... 

Some guy named Paul : "Nowadays you fart too loud, you gotta go to counseling."
Dan: "tell me about it, brother. "