Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pre-Thanksgiving weekend

KB came for a visit this past weekend. We kept super busy.

We went to the top of the new World Trade Center. It was pretty cool but doesn't beat the Empire State Building in terms of being a classic New York site. 
Views from the top: 

Then we went to lunch at a hotel nearby where we had a good view of the building and the World Trade Center memorial. 

Then we went to my favorite bakery where i usually get cronuts, but I wanted to try something new. A frozen smore! This is ice cream surrounded by chocolate and marshmallow. The marshmallow is then toasted. It was delish. 

We went home to rest for a while before our reservation at Nobu Next Door. We had some yummy Japanese food-- shrimp, cod and sea bass, then Kevin ate sushi and I didn't. 

The next day we went to Central Park, and went out for Puerto Rican food in Spanish Harlem. 

and that night we went to "Celebrity Nerd-off" with JJ Abrahms being interviewed by Stephen Colbert.  

They showed the new Star Wars movie trailer and talked about all of JJ's movies and TV shows.  It was fun but I'm not sure it was worth going all the way to the NJ PAC for it. Sunday was as usual-- we watched Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back (because Kevin has never seen them) and Walking Dead that night. 

And now he's back home in the snow of Idaho and it's going to be 60 degrees here tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Jill and Chris decided to get out of dodge last weekend, so I got to watch this crazy kid. The quote of the weekend came when she asked to put on this sweatshirt, which is a NY Giants swearshirt, but she said "I want to wear my Jersey sweatshirt because I'm a jersey girl."  When I told Chris, he said he still wanted her to learn to pump gas. 

Taking walks was fun because, in addition to her usual activity of looking for dogs, she also looked for leaves. There were lots of them.