Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mindy Project for 2015 so far

I got way behind in my quotes until it almost felt overwhelming to get caught up (I may take this a little too seriously). 
Anyway, here's quotes for the first four eps of the year. 

1/13 -- the one when Mindy runs into an ex in a San Francisco bar. 
Rob to Mindy: "since Alex has been here, you haven't mentioned the love of your life once."
Mindy: "What are you talking about? I talked about spare ribs like ten times." 

2/3 -- the one when Mindy decides to move to SF permanently and she flies back to NYC to tell Danny. I'll just say, I wouldn't leave a brownstone in Harlem for any job! 

After Beverly says that Mindy's face is healing, Danny says "She thinks you're Malala."

2/10 -- Danny's dad comes to visit.

Morgan: "Your dad, huh?  This is who we have to thank for a lifetime of grouchiness?" 

2/17-- Danny decides to move to SF with Mindy to start their practice. 

Danny: "San Francisco is growing on me. I don't mind wearing a fleece to a restaurant. It's cool."

Mindy, after learning that their loan application was denied because of her poor credit. "Fine. My credit is bad. Do you accept street cred?"

Mindy's brother, after Mindy decides not to start the practice with Rob in SF : "what makes you think that that white man is the only reason you can have your own practice? In terms of entitlement and personality, you're the whitest man I know. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Making food

Taking after her mama who likes to cook. 

Her nana bought this cute felt bowtie pasta.