Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mindy project quote of the week -- 9/30

You asked for it, you got it. Mindy quotes!  I'll go back and do quotes from episodes 1&2 but for now... 

Danny:  Your kisses are for three things: your ma, your girl, and your wrestling coach after you win regionals. 

Danny: You better start thinking about ways to make it up to me. 
Mindy: Rizzo?! You want me to dress up like Rizzo from Grease? 

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Yesterday, I was walking around the LES and came across Economy Candy.  This is a New York institution.  They had a bunch of candy with a Star Wars theme, and it made me think of this old video. 


Fall TV

There are a few new shows I'm looking forward to, but mostly I'm looking forward to my faves coming back.

Sunday -- The Comeback is coming back to HBO.  This is a show that had one season previously and it was one of those shows that a few people loved but most people hadn't heard of.  I watched it on Netlfix and I thought it was okay.  There were definitely lots of funny parts, but I don't remember loving it.  Now it's coming back 9 years later with season 2.  Just that alone piques my interest enough to give it a shot.  (November 9)

The Newsroom is back for season 3 on HBO.  I have to catch up on season 2 before the new season starts on November 9.  This may or may not happen. 

The Walking Dead is also on Sunday nights.  I started this show, after years of saying I wasn't interested in shows about zombies, because KB loves it and he wanted me to watch while he was here in the summer.  So we got through season 1 and part of season 2, and then I finished the rest of what's available on Netflix after he left.  All the way through seasons 1&2, I kept saying "I don't get it."  But season 3 finally hooked me and now I'd like to find a way to watch season 4 (not available on Netflix yet) before season 5 starts October 12.  Doesn't seem likely, though.  I'm still not interested in zombies, for the record.

At some point in the coming TV season, Mad Men will return for it's final episodes, and I couldn't be more excited for that. 

Also on Sunday nights is Last Week Tonight, which is HBOs version of The Daily Show.  It's hilarious and smart.

Monday -- I'm slightly interested in Gotham on FOX.  In general, I'm more than over superhero shows and movies, but this one is getting some attention.  I might end up recording it and then never watching, which is what happened with Arrow.  This one started already on September 22.

Tuesday -- Marry Me is a  new show on NBC that I'm most excited for this new season.  Casey Wilson played my second favorite character from Happy Endings, which was a great show that ended too soon.  Next to her is Ken Marino, who is so great in everything he does.  This is the story of the engagement of the "levelheaded" man and "excitable" woman after a botched proposal, according to the description in EW.  It looks like it has tons of potential.  (October 12)

Manhattan Love Story would probably be on this list but I HATE the actress, Analeigh Tipton, who was a contestant on ANTM years ago.  She totally ruined the otherwise good movie "Crazy, Stupid, Love" a few years ago as an overacter.  But her character was also so stupid, it may not have been her fault.  Anyway, I doubt I'll watch as I already have a few Tuesday shows.  This one is on ABC starting September 30.

The Mindy Project already started two weeks ago and it started off with a bang.  I love this show so much.  I am contemplating resurrecting my quotes of the week with this show.  Stay tuned for that.  Maybe. 

New Girl is also back on Tuesdays and still my favorite 22 minutes of the day.  I know not everyone loves this show as they once did, but I still think it's hilarious.  I will never buy that Jess and Nick are just friends with no weirdness after breaking up, but this is TV, and anything is possible on TV. 

Another show I started to watch because KB loves it is Sons of Anarchy.  This one started already on September 9 on FX.  I watched seasons 1-5 on Netflix and I liked it okay, but Jill hit the nail on the head when she said that every episode could be titled "The one where Jax tries to take the club in a new direction."  Also, there are so many gangs and sometimes they are allies with the Sons, and sometimes they're enemies, and sometimes they're enemies fighting a common enemy, and I can't keep it all straight so I find myself tuning out at lot of the time.  But Jax is still hot and I like a lot of the other characters.  Season 6 still isn't on Netflix, but KB told me what happened and I decided to just go ahead and skip that one and watch season 7 live. 

Wednesday -- I'm not exactly excited about this one, but Red Band Society is being called the new "teen melodrama" which is enough for me to give it a chance.  Plus it has a the cute guy from Brothers and Sisters.  It started September 17 on FOX, but I haven't watched yet. 

I'm somewhat interested in the concept behind black-ish which already started September 24 on ABC.  I've given up other ABC comedies, so we'll see if this one holds my interest. 

Nashville started September 24 on ABC and I am hoping it stays as good as season 2 was.

Thursday -- Gracepoint is a murder mystery.  Not usually up my alley, but I might try this one.  (FOX October 2)  This is probably a good one for you, Mom. 

And of course... Parenthood returns for it's final season.  It started September 25 on NBC and even though it starts with Kristina opening her charter school that she decided to create just for her (annoying) son Max, because doesn't everyone want to start their own school, I am good at ignoring the things that bug me and focusing on the things that I like.  Which is pretty much everything else about this show.

Also on Thursdays on NBC is A to Z.  I don't know much about it, other than it appears to be a romantic comedy, it has the "Mother" from How I Met your Mother and there are billboards for it around the city, but it might be worth checking out. 

Okay, obviously this is too many shows.  If New Girl, Mindy and Parenthood keep me happy, then this will be a good season for me. 

And Marry Me. 

And Mad Men. 

Okay, that's really it.