Monday, May 27, 2013

New Girl wrap-up -- final three episodes

I have loved these last three episodes, and Nick has been especially adorable.

4/20 -- "Virgins"
This episode was one of the funniest episodes ever.  I watched it 4 times.  But most of it was visual, like Nick's face when he was talking to Schmidt about getting busy with his girlfriend, or Nick and Schmidt slipping and sliding on the floor.  So the best quote of the night goes to Nick when he said, "My arm was a magnet and it was stuck to the wall.  What is so hard to understand?"

5/7 -- "Winston's Birthday"
 Nick, talking to Jess's dad.. Nick:  "I don't know what she wants."
Jess's dad:  "First thing you got to figure out is what do you want?'
Nick:  "I don't know how you get a podcast, but you should look into it." 

5/14 -- Season finale --  "Elaine's Big Day" 
Okay, it's kind of cliché to end a season with a wedding, and even more so to have the wedding not happen because CeCe really loves Schmidt.  But the badger in an air duct... not very cliché.  My real favorite part was when "Cotton Eye Joe" came over the loudspeaker.  But then they showed Nick fist-pumping to the song and that became my favorite part.  The quote goes to Nick again. 

Nick:   "Schmidt gave me his worst suit.  He said if I could fit it over my thighs, he didn't want it. "