Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A cover I can get behind

My sister told a funny story about my super cute nephew and the Bronx zoo that made me laugh, so I'm sharing it over here.


In these clips you will recognize some great shows and movies. Who cares if he steals from himself?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My favorite human being talking about my favorite show

Years ago, I read an interview with John Mayer where he said something like this: If you watch "The Bachelor" you should slap a blind person across the face, because you are wasting your eyesight.

At the time, I totally agreed with him. But as the years have gone by, I have succumbed to the appeal of "The Bachelor" and have become a bit obsessed with it, at times. I admit there was a teeny tiny part of me that felt ashamed that if JM ever knew, he'd be disappointed. (I know that it's insane that I think this way, but I can't help it.)

I was so happy to stumble across this video of JM talking about how he now gets it.

Things I love about this clip:
(1) air quotes around "Brad's season,"
(2) his impression of Ben saying "Courtney,"
(3) picturing a producer telling Ben to stand shirtless on the balcony.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Enough already

Last week's cover of EW
This week's cover of EW

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oslo, August 31

If you are up for a really depressing movie, I have the perfect one for you.  I went to see this movie this week and it was great.  It takes place in Oslo, where I lived for four months when I was 21/22 years old.  Just watch the trailer... it's really stunning. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Portland treats

Our first stop in Portland was Voodoo Donuts, and we split two donuts. #1 was the famous maple bar with bacon and #2 was the Memphis Mafia fritter (fritter w/ banana chunks, chocolate frosting, peanut butter and chocolate chips). Both were ridiculously good and ridiculously sweet and I ate until I wanted to gag.

Even so, I planned to go back and try some other flavors, but take a gander at the line...

Across the street from the B&B where I stayed was this little treasure, called Pix Patisserie. They had the most amazing macarons. I have found that the small ones are not very good because the texture is not quite right. However, these macarons were perfect.
I ate two and then went back for one more.
Below are the Fleur de Sal and the Apple Pie.

One day I was on my way for brunch. Why was I going out for brunch when I was staying at a B&B? The answer is that place had the worst breakfasts of any B&B I've ever stayed in. On the way, I passed one of the many food cart pods around Portland and decided to try Blues City Biscuits. I got a biscuit sandwich (yum) with molasses butter and ham. I never drink real Coke, but this was a "Mexican Coke" so I went for it and it was delish!

The next day, I finally made it to Broder for brunch. I had a delicious meal of Aebelskiver (Danish pancakes) with lemon curd and lingonberry jam.

And last but not least of all the treats was this yummy pecan pie from the The Pie Spot .

I have a good friend in Portland, and I met up with him and his cute family a couple of times. My last night there, Jeremy and I went to the Viking Soul Food food cart. They sold something sort of Norwegian but not really. Basically it was a wrap with some Norwegian-ish food inside -- lefse, meatballs, gjetost, cabbage.  Not very authentic, but it feels authentic if you wear the hat. 

A successful trip was evidenced by the pound I gained while I was away. There were other places I wanted to try but didn't have time for, so I guess I'll have to go back someday.

Portland cupcakes

I found two cupcake places in Portland. The first stop was Cupcake Jones. Julia and I split a German Chocolate cupcake. It was average, but I did like the chocolate coconut filling. In addition to having mediocre cupcakes, the people that worked here seemed to be brain damaged or something. We weren't impressed.

From there, we walked over to St. Cupcake Galore and this was the jackpot. We got two mini-cupcakes each. I got the vanilla/vanilla and the vanilla/cream cheese, and Julia got vanilla/coconut and vanilla/chocolate. I tasted Julia's chocolate frosting and it was so good, I got another vanilla/chocolate for the next day. Not only were these cupcakes delicious, but the people working there (I think they were the owners, actually) were not of borderline intelligence.


Friday, June 1, 2012

New Girl quote of the week -- 5/8 season finale

Winston interviewing the new roommate:  "Neil, tell us about yourself.  Anything we should know, besides the fact that you responded to our Craig's List add with a fax?" 

Jess, trying to scare Neil away from being the new roommate:  "I hope you like feminist rants, cause that's kind of my thing."

30 Rock quote of the week -- 5/17 season finale

 Criss:  "you know what kind of women in their 40's have never been married?  Uggos, Crazys, and Bailers."  

Jack:  "Any child would be lucky to have you be the mother it loves, then hates for a few years, then loves again, then half-heartedly defends to a spouse, then puts in a home." 

Another one from Jack:  "Don't overthink the names.  Stick to kings and queens of England. There will never be a President Ashton or Dr. Katnis." 

30 Rock quote of the week -- 5/10

Liz:  "Feminism promised us two things, fatter dolls and an end to traditional gender roles. "