Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In case you missed it....

So many things to love about this clip:

Jon Stewart
Bruce Springsteen
New Jersey
President & Mrs. Obama
The Obamas high-fiving Bruce Springsteen after Jon Stewart tells a joke about Springsteen and New Jersey.

The only way it would have been better is if JM performed "I'm On Fire" instead of Ben Harper and that Sugarland chick. Their version was pretty awesome, though.

However, not loving Sting's beard.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


As you probably know if you have been reading my blog for eleven months or more, I usually do a Best-of pop culture list for the year, which will be coming in the next few weeks after I've seen the 800 movies that were released in December. But in the meantime, I've been thinking about what I have read this year that I have loved enough to make it in my list. That's when I realized that I had read several books by one author, some of which I read for a second time. That's pretty unusual for me to do.

So, who is this author that I couldn't get enough of? Chuck Klosterman.

Fargo Rock City -- basically this is a whole book about the history of hair metal bands, with a little of his own history mixed in. Although I didn't even know many of the bands he talked about, I thought this book was immensely entertaining. It also made me realize for the 650th time that people will always like the same music that they liked in high school. Even if it was really the worst music on the planet, you'll always like it.

As soon as I finished reading Fargo Rock City, I really wanted to start right at the beginning again. But at the same time, Jill came to visit and returned Chuck Klosterman IV, which I had read a while ago, so I just decided to reread it, and enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time. Stories about Britney Spears pre-breakdown, Billy Joel post-breakdown, Morrissey fans... all good.

Next was Downtown Owl, which is CK's first novel. This one was only okay.

Then over Thanksgiving, I was visiting Val & Greg and noticed Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs on their book shelf. I took it off the shelf because I wanted to reread one of his stories about "Saved by the Bell." Yes, that's right. I was compelled to reread an essay about "Saved by the Bell", a TV show that I never felt compelled to actually watch. I took the book home with me to read on the plane.

This was the first book of his that I read because Greg shared with me the first story about how all women who were born in the 70's will always compare men they date to Lloyd Dobler. And I thought, "What a brilliant observation!"

Next up, Eating the Dinosaur, which I just got for Christmas.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas movies

This was the first year since I've lived in NYC that I stayed in town for the holidays. I wasn't so sure how I would feel about it, because I do enjoy being with my family on Christmas. But I hate traveling in all the chaos of the holidays. Plus, I often get sick over the holidays. This year I got sick, as did everyone else in my family, and I was really relieved not to be dealing with crowded airports in that state. The report is that staying in New York for Christmas is fantastic! My goal was to do three movies in three days, but it didn't work out since I wasn't feeling well. But two movies in one weekend is still pretty good.

First was It's Complicated. Yes, this movie has been previewed to death. I think I could quote the trailers. Usually when a movie is hyped this much, it is disappointing to actually see it because you've already seen all the best parts. Although that is kind of true with this movie, I still laughed at all the same lines that I had seen 800 times in the commercials. Alec Baldwin was hilarious. John Krasinski was adorable. I quite enjoyed it.

Next was The Young Victoria. I had high hopes for this movie and I did enjoy it, but not as much as I had hoped. I would still recommend it. Emily Blunt was nominated for a Golden Globe for this role and it was well deserved.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

best reviewed movies of the year

Besides Precious, which I loved, I've seen a few other movies that have been praised by the critics. My review on all of them is "Really? What's the big deal?" That includes:

Up in the Air. Yes, George Clooney looks great in a suit and I do like the relationship between him and his protege. Other than that? I feel like it's a story that's been told before.

Broken Embraces. I found myself trying to read my watch during the movie. I guess some people are comparing this movie to Alfred Hitchcock movies, which I admit, I've seen very few of. But still, I wasn't really entertained.

A Single Man. A beautiful exploration of grief. But kinda boring. Still love Mr. Darcy, though!

None of these movies would beat out a good night at home, watching Friday Night Lights!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Glee quote of the week -- 12/10 Sectionals!!

Did we have any doubt that our friends at McKinley high would win sectionals? Even without performing "Don't Stop Believin'" which, we know is the #1 downloaded song in iTunes history (loved that self-referential quote). Rachel's song was fantastic (which she's been rehearsing since she was 4). "You Can't Always Get What You Want" was okay, but I thought the real winner was "My Life Would Suck Without You" performed for Mr. Shu at the end.

Quote of the week goes to Sue Sylvester when she said, "I am reasonably confident that you will be adding revenge to the long list of things you are no good at. Right next to being married, running a high school glee club and finding a hair style that doesn't make you look like a lesbian."

I honestly don't know how Mr. Shu could listen to that delivery without cracking up!

30 Rock quote of the week -- 12/11

the new guy: "Are you being sarcastic? Canadians have a hard time recognizing it because we don't have a big Jewish population."

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Office quote of the week 12/3

from Dwight: "In an ideal world, I would have all ten fingers on my left hand so my right hand be a fist for punching."

Friday, December 4, 2009

30 Rock quote of the week -- 12/3

While Tracy and his wife are arguing about her need to get her hair "did," Liz asks, "Maybe we could 'undid' these handcuffs?"

Tracy: RACIST!

Sherri: CRACKER!

Also, Frank turning into Liz was brilliant! As was the hi-def camera (Liz looks terrible, Kenneth is a Muppet, Jack is Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October).

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Glee quote of the week -- 12/2

Can you believe it's December already??

Sue had a few good ones this week. How can I choose?

A: "I had myself a bit of an eyelift. And while they were in there, I told them to go ahead and yank out those tearducts. I wasn't using them."

B: "All I want is just one day a year where I'm not visually assaulted by uglies and fatties. Seriously, these retinas need a day off."

and, of course, the hair comments...

C: "There is a stack of mattresses in the choir room piled as high as the empty bottles of hair gel in the dumpster outside your apartment."

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Glee quote of the week -- 11/25

Okay, so I'm a week behind. Since I was out of town, I didn't get to see this episode until last night. I was so looking forward to the Grease thing, which they teased for a few weeks. My thoughts? Eh! Also, I really thought there would be more story between Puck (my third favorite character) and Quinn. Is that really over? And in such a lame way?

Since this was another Sue Sylvester lite episode, I have depend on my go-to guy, Curt, for the quote of the week.

Rachel: Curt, why did you volunteer to give me a new look?
Curt: 1. I'm a sucker for makeovers. 2. You need something to distract from your horrible personality.