Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Rock quote of the week -- 10/21

This was a great episode. some of the funniest parts were with Jack & Liz, but since my mom reads this blog, these are some alternates....

Jonathan to Liz: "You have so many unsolvable problems. Like your mouth. It looks like somebody kicked a hole in a bag of flour."

Liz: "I was skating down the hallway, on top of the world. My new skates and my new haircut which everyone thought was a Dorothy Hammil but was actually a Pete Rose."

Blonde actress: "I'm proud of you Kenneth. You have a good heart. I hope you have an accident some day so I can have it."

Jack to Liz: "You're great. In certain lights, you're an 8... using East coast over 35 standards, excluding Miami."

Monday, October 18, 2010


Okay, this show is so clearly not filmed in NYC, but this episode did get some things right.

So, they say that you are not a true New Yorker unless you have 1) seen Woody Allen, 2) cried on the subway, 3) stolen a taxi from someone, 4) smashed a cockroach with your bare hand.

I'm going to agree with some of those, but really....? No one uses their bare hands to kill a cock roach. That's just gross. And people who hang out on the East side might see Woody Allen, but since I don't, I'm going to say that I can still be a real New Yorker despite not seeing him by being a snob about what neighborhoods I prefer (West side). Plus, I see famous people all the time that no one else even notices, so I'm taking a free pass on that one. I actually stole a cab very recently, but Jill and I really needed it so I can't imagine that the other person needed it more than us. And crying on the subway...? Several times, also very recently.

So, to all my peeps out there.... I would like to hear from you what you think makes you a real New Yorker! I always say the crying one, so Lily took mine, but I want to hear yours! Please post in the comments section.

The Office -- no quote this week

This was a weak episode that I could barely focus on because I was so ANNOYED. Can you seriously tell me that not one person in that office knows that sometimes people just get cold sores for no reason?? You don't catch them from someone else. In fact, I have been getting them since I was five so I'm pretty sure it's not an STD. Personally, I get them often when the seasons change.

That's my rant for today. Thank you.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

30 Rock quote of the week -- 10/14

Liz Lemon, about her birthday: "It was perfect. It was the best of both worlds. I got to feel martyred and indignant all day, and I still got to eat cake off the floor."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Glee quote of the week -- 10/12

actually, without Sue, I didn't have a good one for this week. But this song was my favorite of the week...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Glee quote of the week -- 10\5

Sue to Curt, after finding out his father had a heart attack: "I'm sorry for what you're going through, Lady. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. And I guess I don't have to. I think Mary Lou Retton is, like, an orphan or something."

best number: "Only the Good Die Young" (I love Puck!) and "Bridge over Troubled Water" was a close second.

The Office -- 10/7

The Office has just been okay this season so far, but this week was pretty darn brilliant, and I'm not even a big musical or Sondheim fan.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

30 Rock quote of the week -- 10/7

Jack, to the congresswoman: "Diversity is the engine that drives this country. We are an immigrant nation. The first generation works their fingers to the bone, making things. The next generation goes to college and innovates new ideas. The third generation... snowboards and takes improv classes. We always need people that are pulling themselves up by their bootstraps."


I might have jinxed it... My Generation was already cancelled after the second episode. That means that there are no new shows I'm excited about. But at least I still have Parenthood.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

30 Rock quote of the week -- 9/30

This quote is dedicated to Esther....

Kenneth to Ms. Jordan: "Drugs during childbirth? Isn't the whole point feeling God punish you?"

The Office quote of the week -- 9/30

Kelly Kapur to Dwight: "Your shirt and tie are disgust-o, barf-o."