Sunday, June 22, 2014

Norwegians in NYC part 3

Hanging out in Times Square.  Let's hear it for New York!

Norwegians in NYC part 2

KB hates the Yankees, but since it's probably the only team that people in other countries have heard of, he wanted to take these guys to an MLB game.  We had great seats and the weather was hot, but once the sun went down, it was a nice evening out. 

Before the kids came, we went to another MLB game, the Mets vs. Dodgers. KB is a Dodgers fan and we lucked out that they were in town while he was here.  It was his first game ever and he thought the whole thing was pretty cool. 

Norwegians in NYC part 1

First time in Central Park for KB and the kids.
Nikolas came to the US for the first time since he was a little kid, so he was very interested in certain things about the US, like the money.  Here he's stealing people's wishes from the Bethesda so he can see the difference in the coins.  He also asked if we have fireflies here in NYC.  I thought that was a great question, and the first time I think I've been asked that. 

Here we are at the Natural History Museum.  Although I've been to the museum a few times over the years I've been in NYC, it was my first time visiting the Planetarium since I was a kid.  Their new movie is quite impressive! 

The only time I remember going to the Planetarium was when I went with Bruce's Cub Scout troop and my mom must have been one of the leaders.  I was sitting with my best friend, Nancy, and the movie had a comment that in the olden days, people thought that the spots on the moon were windows and doors, and that people on the moon were looking out of them.  We got the giggles so badly, people had to shush us.  For the rest of our friendship, we could quote that part of the movie and burst out laughing.  Anyway, here we (they) are with the dinosaurs and out front.