Wednesday, June 28, 2017


On the last couple of days, I went to see the vineyards.  Apparently, South African has the perfect climate for them.  One day, I went to Groot Costantia, which is super close to the city and I just took a bus there.  It is the oldest vineyard in the country and it is from 1685.

this was the home where the owners used to live.

We ate a nice lunch at this restaurant.  

On my last day, I went with a tour group out to Stellenbosch.  They have a super cute little town with historical sites, as well as art galleries and other shopping.  Here's an Dutch Revivalist church in town.  

After exploring the town, we got back in the tour van and drove to the vineyards.   I mean, it's no Falcon Crest or anything, but was lovely.  

Next we went to Franschhoek and another vineyard.  

We ate at this restaurant.  

I had ostrich.  My supervisor at work asked before I went if I was going to try it, and I said.... "Uhhhh.... I'm kind of a picky eater."  But we went to this fancy-ish restaurant and I asked the waiter if anyone every regrets it after they order it.  He assured me that I would like it, and I did.  

And that is pretty much it.  
Next up:  Cuba! (in July)


shaunacd said...

I cannot believe these pictures, what interesting places to see!!

Valerie said...

I'm totally impressed!

shaunacd said...

I want to eat at all those restaurants!