Monday, June 19, 2017

Cape Town

One day, we took a half-day tour around the peninsula with a stop at the Cape of Good Hope.  

Some baboons on the side of the road.  (we were in the van with the doors locked.  apparently, they have learned how to open doors.)

Before I got here, I thought that this is the place where the two oceans meet, but I learned that it is not.  But it is the most South-Western point on the African Continent.  

After the Cape of Good Hope, we stopped at Boulders Beach, where the penguins live.  

Afterwards, we were dropped off at V&A waterfront shopping center.  It's kind of like South Street Seaport in NYC.  We ended up going here a lot because the rest of the city is super quiet after dark.  A lot of people go here, so it's a safe place to be with lots of shopping and restaurants.

This is their version of the cronut.  NOT even close.  

A different day, Julia and I met here and had lunch between her work stuff.

The view from our table.

 fish  in some yummy sauce with mashed potatoes

They had these corny things all over the place.  I posed with this one. 


The Ferris wheel by night.


shaunacd said...

Once again wonderful pictures.

Valerie said...

That's hilarious about the baboons!

shaunacd said...

Did you ride on the ferris wheel?

sonya d said...

Yes, we rode the ferris wheel